Ozark Mule Days began in 1984, but has been running strong in the Springfield, Missouri area since 2005. The mule is the official Missouri state animal, and we are proud to embrace it.

At Ozark Mule Days, you are going to see mules jumping, racing, poles, barrels, gaited mules, western pleasure, reining, halter mules and so much more! Some of the best mules in the country are in attendance.

Ozark Mule Days is currently held at the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds. Over 300 mules and donkeys from 19+ states are represented at our event. They compete for $6,000 in prize money and points so they can have the bragging rights to say they have a world champion.

If you like going to a rodeo because you enjoy the excitement of someone getting thrown, well this is the show for you! You’re going to see someone get thrown, kicked, bitten, or drug around the arena.

There is more mayhem and wildness than we can explain! We promise you a great time! It is 3 days of some of the most family oriented and best mulemanship you will see!