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Missouri Mule Makeover is a 120-Day competition that takes top trainers and pairs them with top, untrained mules. It challenges them to build a foundation and connection, and see what they can accomplish together.


Trainers will pick up their mule on May 1 from a designated area. Trainers and mules will have their progress monitored over 120 days. It will be a blind draw.

Trainers will show their mules at Ozark Mule Days in Springfield, MO in special classes Friday & Saturday.

Four judges will decide the winner based on Mulemanship, Discipline, Versatility, and Relationship. Winner will receive a buckle. Mules will be auctioned at the show and trainers will keep 100% of the proceeds.

If you are interested in applying to be a trainer for the Missouri Mule Makeover, contact Les Clancy at 417.343.9412 or email ozarkmuledays@hotmail.com