Ozark Mule Days will be hosting the 1st Annual Missouri Mule Makeover.some of the best trainers in the business.  show their stuff right here in the Show-Me state at one of the greatest shows in the Midwest, Ozark Mule Days!!!!! I have 7 highly bred mules, They are only halter broke and messed with very little at all. Trainers will be selected and come pick up their mule on May 1st in Ozark Missouri. It will be a blind draw for who gets what mule. Trainors will have 120 days at their own training facilities to produce a great mule prospect. Mules and trainers will return to Ozark Mule Days and show the crowd and their fellow peers what they can do in that selected time period. we will sell all the mules to the highest bidder and 100% of the money will go to either the trainer, or the trainer can keep the mule. their choice. This is going to be a true challenge to what can be accomplished when given proper time and conditions.

Susan ClancyComment